What's unique about our event is the trainings + talks format. Our two- and four-day hardware security trainings are supplemented with technical talks by selected speakers. One talk will be given during the lunch break on each training day. Only students registered for our training classes will have the opportunity to see these talks, so sign up now! Every speaker at our conference is also a student at our trainings.

List of Trainings and Registration

Upcoming Talks

Vehicle Keyfob Reconnaissance & Attacks

Speaker: Samy Kamkar

This talk will focus on using low cost tools for investigating proprietary chips and protocols. I'll describe how vehicles communicate with keyfobs (LF & UHF), along with a device I've developed that can automatically detect nearby keyfobs. Once detected, the attacker can swipe to choose a vehicle, and the device can wirelessly unlock & start the ignition. It's like Tinder, but for cars. Read More…

A Journey into Silicon Security

Speaker: Olivier Thomas

This talk will introduce Silicon level attacks and focus on Integrated Circuit (IC) reverse-engineering and attacks based on complete chip analysis. While Invasive Attacks are known to be effective, this talk will highlight how reverse-engineering can make them even more efficient. It will also demonstrate how it can enhance the capabilities of other known attacks such as Non- and Semi- Invasive attacks. Read More…

Building Secure Devices in Untrusted Factories

Speaker: Rob Wood

The production of hardware devices involves multiple suppliers at various stages of the production and support life-cycle. No electronics manufacturer actually designs and manufactures every single component. These hardware and manufacturing supply chains introduce considerable risk that threat actors could gain an opportunity to defraud, steal, counterfeit, or otherwise undermine the security of the produced electronic devices. Read More…

Wax on, Wax off: How to mitigate Hardware Attacks

Speaker: Jasper van Woudenberg

Side channel and fault attacks are moving out of the labs and into the basements, with the availability of off-the-shelf attack hardware. These attacks can circumvent many security features, such as secure boot and hardware accelerated crypto. This talk will discuss publicly available (software) code patterns that can serve as countermeasures. Read More…

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06 November 2017 - 09 November 2017
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Bently Reserve
301 Battery Street, San Francisco, CA, 94111
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