TPM Genie: Undermining the Hardware Root of Trust via Serial Bus Attacks Speaker: Jeremy Boone

TPM Genie is a serial bus interposer that is designed to assist vulnerability research on Trusted Platform Modules. Levering TPM Genie, I demonstrate how to undermine most of the stated purposes of the Trusted Platform Module - measured boot, remote attestation, sealed storage, and the hardware RNG. Additionally, I show how a TPM interposer can trigger other errors in the fragile host-side response parsing code. Combined, these issues allow an attacker to compromise measured/attested boot on a large number of TPM-enabled machines.

Jeremy is also attending

4-Day Hardware Hacking, Reversing and Instrumentation

Nov 26-Nov 29, 2018

About the speaker

Jeremy Boone
NCC Group
Jeremy Boone is a Principal Security Consultant at NCC Group where he specializes in hardware and embedded systems security. He has an extensive background in conducting security assessments of embedded devices, with expertise in code review and reverse engineering at all layers of the typical embedded stack: bootloader, kernel, drivers, and trusted execution environments. Prior to joining NCC Group, Jeremy was a product security engineer at both BlackBerry and Motorola Mobility. Throughout these 10 years, he focussed on solving security problems at scale through the use of automation, with particular emphasis on static code analysis, distributed fuzzing, and malware analysis.

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