Bluetooth Reverse Engineering Techniques and Tools Speaker: Mike Ryan

With the continuing growth of IoT, more and more devices are entering the market with Bluetooth. Maybe you’re developing one of your own. This talk aims to shed some light on how these devices use Bluetooth and will cover reverse engineering techniques that in many cases can be accomplished with hardware you already have! We will dive into several case studies on real devices that we reverse engineered with an emphasis on tools and techniques, and we will also discuss security vulnerabilities we discovered along the way. Whether you’re a complete newbie or someone who’s hacked Bluetooth inside out, we expect that you’ll learn something from this talk.

Mike is also attending

4-Day Hardware Hacking, Reversing and Instrumentation

Nov 26-Nov 29, 2018

About the speaker

Mike Ryan
ICE9 Consulting
Mike Ryan is a noted expert on Bluetooth security. He has discovered several Bluetooth-related CVEs: CVE-2018-9119 (stealing credit card numbers via Bluetooth), CVE-2014-4428 (affecting OS X, iOS, and Apple TV), and along with Richo Healey discovered CVE-2015-2249 (affecting Boosted electric skateboards). In 2016 Mike founded ICE9 Consulting to address the increasing demand for security reviews of IoT devices. Mike's personal motto is _if you like it you shoulda put Bluetooth on it_.

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