Let’s face it the level of security of consumer hardware devices is abysmal. A lot of it has to do with the lack of awareness among engineers. Yet, once they know the workflows they’re more than capable of preventing serious hardware issues from getting into production devices. The goal of our event, more than any thing else, is to raise awareness about hardware security. That’s why we’re organizing an event offering the best hardware security trainings.

A New Event Format

Today we’re also announcing our new event format. Although to our knowledge no one has done this before, we have in fact been beta-testing this format for a couple of years. In our experience it works extremely well, lightens the atmosphere, makes the content even more enjoyable and gives all of our attendees more topics for discussion. It works particularly well if the content is curated and more or less covers the same field of security and that’s exactly what we’re offering at the Hardware Security San Francisco Fall event.

What’s unique about our event is that it’s actually a hybrid format with both trainings, as well as talks. We’ll be offering something that we call “Lunch Sessions”. Every day during lunch we will have one speaker with a one hour talk slot focusing on hardware security. This will supplement the content of the trainings and give attendees an opportunity to experience a field of hardware security that is not necessarily directly related to their training. The speakers themselves are also trainees, meaning speakers will get a chance to pick which training or trainings they will take during the event at no cost to them!

The Trainings

Share Your Knowledge

Are you interested in taking one of our trainings and you have a hardware security related talk you would like to submit? We are seeking a total of four technical talks to supplement our set of training courses. We will be accepting a total of 4 talks at our event. Each talk will be held during one of our lunch sessions. Selected speakers will have the opportunity to share their knowledge with attendees. In exchange, speakers may choose to attend our trainings for free! The talk should be 50 minutes followed by 10 minutes for Q&A. We’ll consider any computer security topic, but hardware hacking content is most desired.

Use this form to submit a topic. Selected speakers for our Fall 2017 training in San Francisco will be announced no later than September 1, 2017.